You’re seeking a comfortable, attractive and accessible environment, where your clients will feel secure, as you help them on their journey.

In addition to providing you with this kind of environment, our office gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow helpers and healers, as part of a community of like-minded individuals supporting you in becoming your best professional self. 

Our hourly and daily rental options provide you with just what you’re looking for, along with the flexibility you need to grow your business.

Why should I rent from b.mindful Louisville?

The highest quality care needs to be delivered in the highest quality environment and, at b.mindful Louisville, we aim to provide you with that. Renting from us is so much more than signing a lease with some random landlord. We have created an environment specifically with you—the helper and healer—in mind.

We would love to show you the space and learn more about the wonderful services you are providing to our community. Feel free to browse our website and reach out to schedule a tour. 

What is included in the practice building resources you provide?

From the baseline physical criteria needed to open a private practice in KY, to the clinical must haves, and the items to do and figure out while growing your practice. From logistical steps, to scripts, templates, networking tips and many, many more. We’ve got the support and resources available for you to use to build and create a thriving practice.

How do office rentals work?

We offer the following options for office rentals:

  • Per time block

    • 7:00 am-11:30 am

    • 11:45 am-4:15 pm

    • 4:30 pm-9:00 pm

    • 24-hour rental

With any of these options, you will have access to your office during the time you’ve reserved, as well as 24/7 access to all communal areas and amenities. We structured it this way to ensure you’ll make a profit with each client, setting the prices to offer affordability and accessibility for everyone.

How long are the leases for?

Our minimum commitment is 6-months for our block rentals. We offer tiered pricing for our 24 hour rentals with a commitment of 3-, 6- and 12-months.

What if I am just starting private practice and don’t have any clients yet?

Our goal is to support you. You can start with one of our affordable block rentals, also using your general access to immerse yourself in practice-building and network with other like-minded professionals in our community.

Once you build up your clientele, you can upgrade your plan to accommodate your growing practice. 

What if I have a full caseload?

No matter what your caseload is, or what populations you work with, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to work with you and find a plan that fits what your practice needs. We can also negotiate discounts, based on the number of days you rent.   

I do groups and/or trainings, do you have a room that accommodates 10 people?

We have a room large enough to accommodate group sessions and can provide up to an additional 12 chairs for you, your group, or your attendees. 

I do energy work. Would b.mindful Louisville be a good fit for me?

Yes. We have a portable treatment table for our tenants to use, or feel free to bring in your own equipment. 

Our goal is to create a diverse community of mental health & wellness professionals, making it easier for our tenants to consult, network and refer to each other. 

I own a group practice, but we are quickly outgrowing our current office space. Would some of our clinicians be able to rent from b.mindful Louisville?

Yes, of course. Our flexible plans, and short-term commitments make this a perfect option for you. 



& many, many more.