Letter from the founder

I am Shannon Gonter, a professional counselor, who understands the importance of having a safe space to practice in, consulting, networking, having a solid referral list, and being around other like-minded professionals. 

When I first started private practice, I quickly realized that finding all these things on my own was more difficult than it should be. Really, there should be one place where human helpers can go to find all these integral resources. That’s why I decided to create b.mindful Louisville.

b.mindful Louisville provides safe, clean, practical, and modern offices for mental health and wellness professionals in private practice. We make it easy for you to enter your office each day feeling secure, confident, and prepared to tackle what the world brings to you. 

By becoming a part of our community, you will be provided with the like-minded support network that you so desperately need in this field, as well as all the furnishings, amenities and resources to build and support your thriving practice.

Renting from b.mindful Louisville is so much more than just writing a monthly check to your office landlord. We are here to walk by your side and ease the process of being an independent service provider.