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Must Have Paperwork For Your Mental Health Private Practice?

Are you wondering if you have the right documentation practices in place and more importantly, if they are set up correctly? Having the right paperwork documents protects and establishes your most important private practice principles. Today we are going to discuss the essential paperwork for your mental health or wellness practice in order to ensure compliance with your state board and HIPAA, protect yourself and your business and maintain transparency with your clients. 

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Fully-Furnished Office Space For Mental Health and Wellness Professionals In Louisville

Do you want to focus on the important part of starting your private practice - actually focusing on your clients and meeting their needs? Then you may benefit from renting a fully furnished office space that gives you the peace of mind that your space is always prepared for you and your clients without the headache of a rental space upkeep and maintenance.

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Unpopular Route: Grad School --> Private Practice

Who out there is a believer that everyone must do agency work after graduate school and that new clinicians shouldn’t enter the workforce through private practice? I hear a lot of you saying “preach sister, yes you must must must do agency work first” and I get it, I really do. But then I hear some others out there saying “nah, do as you want, it’s your life, your career, and your choice”, and I happen to align more with this outlook. 

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