Before, During & After A Networking Event

With most important things in life there are multiple steps and items to keep in mind before, during and after said event. So networking isn’t going to be any different (and yes networking is important). So let’s jump right into it.

Things to keep in mind BEFORE a networking event

Do your research

  •  What event are you going to?

  • Who is hosting the event?

  • Is there a public guest list? (to see if you know anyone else going)

  • What time does it start?

  • Is the entire event networking or is only the first 30 minutes open networking and then a talk

  • What’s the address?

  • Do you know where to park?

Dress appropriately

  •  Is there a dress code?

    • Sometimes better to be overdressed than underdressed

Practice your elevator speech

  •  Keep it short

  • Keep it light

  • Practice to make it sound natural

Get materials ready

  •  Business cards

  • Promotional material (if allowed at event)

  • Name tag

Power in numbers

  • If allowed, take a friend :)

  • But if not, know that you will not be the only one there flying solo. Majority of people go to networking events alone and are just as nervous as you! 

Things to keep in mind DURING a networking event

Name tag etiquette

  •  Write legibly

  • Use your first and last name

  • Place it within ones eye sight line on the right side of your body

Keep your phone in your pocket/purse/bag/etc.

  •  You will look busy to others if you are on your phone

  • Busy people typically don’t look approachable

Hand out your business information

  • Don’t let it be the first thing you do though

    • Don’t be pushy

    • Shake their hand first and/or have a conversation before handing out your cards

    • Best practices to ask for ones consent or interest in having your card opposed to assuming they want your information

Be yourself  (easier said than done)

  • Focus on yourself

    • Might help to focus on three of the most important qualities you want to shine through in your conversations (empathy, trustworthy, organized, good listening, “normal”, good eye contact, story teller…)


Things to keep in mind AFTER a networking event 

Organize information collected from others

  •  Business card or resources collected from events should be organized. If this isn’t done soon after the event, resources and cards can often get lost or forgotten about.

Follow Up

  • Do it within 24 hours

    • How?

      • You can connect via email, LinkedIn or call (majority will prefer online communication so they can respond when is most convenient for them)

    • What do I say?

      • Mention a conversation from the event, offer to help, ask to meet up…

At b.mindful Louisville we only rent to individuals that are licensed or certified mental health or wellness professionals. Therefore, making it easier for our tenants to naturally network, consult and refer to each other within our like-minded community.

We also host bi monthly socials for our tenants to step outside the office, let their hair down and get to know each other in a non-clinical atmosphere. Our tenants love this and see heightened levels of success in their practices because of built in networking opportunities.

Want to learn more about us? Message and ask away :)

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Founder and Owner of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Founder and Owner of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, licensed professional counselor and founder/owner of b.mindful Louisville understands the nuances of private practice and finds immense joy in assisting other mental health and wellness professionals on their journal in private practice.