Exclusive Growth Strategies Checklist

Are you wanting to hang your own shingle for your mental health or wellness practice?

Are you wanting to grow your current private practice?

Are you looking for cost effective ways to market and scale your practice?

Are you running into a brick wall every time you sit down at your desk to sketch out a plan of how to market yourself?

Are you too busy working another job or caring for yourself and your family to sit down and do the research on “how to market yourself on a budget’?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading because we have the help you are looking for!

We understand the stress of owning your own practice and also know that there are not a lot of people out there telling you how to do it. So we have spent the time doing the research for you (personally from own experience, on Google, and polling other local solo entrepreneur wellness professionals) and want to share with you what we found. 

Sign up for our exclusive Growth Strategies Checklist that will provide you will 8 helpful and affordable ways to grow and market your practice.  

P.S- If you sign up for the checklist, there may be some bonus marketing materials, tips and tricks coming your way as well! :)

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

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I’m a professional counselor and understand the importance of having a safe space to practice in, consulting, networking, having a solid referral list, and being around other like-minded professionals.