Content Marketing And Why Your Practice Should Use It

What Is Content Marketing & Why You Should You Use It To Grow Your Private Practice

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Compared to the traditional marketing strategies of just pitching your products and services, content marketing allows you to provide your audience with truly relevant and useful information that will help them solve their issues. 

What Types Of Content Can You Create?

Sometimes when we think about content creation we only think about blogs, articles and social media, but there are so many more types of content marketing. For example, your content marketing strategy can include infographics, lists, videos, webinars etc. Continue reading more about what type of content you should create here.

Where Do You Post This Content?

If you have a business website, that’s the first place you should post content. It should also be shared on any social media accounts you have (Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, Twitter…). But that’s not it! There are so many other platforms that you can post your content on to reach a larger, more diverse audience. Continue reading about where to post your content here.

Why Should Mental Health and Wellness Professionals Use Content Marketing To Grow Their Business? 

We all know that the relationship between client and provider is very important to the healing process, and content marketing can assist you in building that relationship before you even meet your client. With this strategy you are able to reach larger audiences and better distinguish yourself from the other providers in your area. Your audience can learn about you (before meeting you), begin to see your expertise and start trusting your process. This trust can turn prospective clients into clients quicker and can lead to a higher commitment level and retention rate for your clients.

Below are the top 4 reasons why mental health and wellness professionals need to use content marketing. 


The goal is to of course is to get people to interact with your content, learn and grow from it and hopefully bring in some new clients. But you don’t want to just bring in any and every one. You want to be intentional about the content that is created and what individuals it is drawing in. For example, if your ideal population is middle school males, you are going to want to target a lot (if not all) of your content creation speaking to the parents and guardians of the middle school boys struggling with X, Y and Z. You definitely want to focus on creating content that appeals to the individual who is seeking services, but you also can draw in other healthcare professionals, possible referral resources, and local media outlets with your content creations.  


In the recent years, research has shown that consumers no longer respond to traditional marketing strategies (ads) and that they want to have a relationship (or feel like they do) with the individual(s) they are seeking goods and services from. By creating easily digestible and valuable content you are building a loyal following and greatly increasing your visibility compared to other mental health and wellness providers. 


You want to do this with both prospective clients and your referral sources. The more you show your audience that you know what you are talking about (by posting eye grabbing, consistent, valuable content) the quicker they are going to build a relationship with you and/or understand your expertise in your field of work.


The digital age has brought us the wonderful and powerful gift of being able to extend our network and community tenfold. As opposed to sending out mailers or an email to your mailing list, you can now make one post on social media accounts that can easily reach thousands. Put the time in, produce desired content, and watch your practice audience grow! 


How To Create A Bomb Content Marketing Strategy And Stick To It


Take some time to sort out your goals for your current practice (allow this plan to be flexible and change with you over time). 


If you don’t know who you are talking to, how will you know what to create? Spend some time focusing on and envisioning the type of audience you want to have for your future content. 


There are endless options for where you can post your content and you don’t need to be one all of them. Focus on the ones that you are most comfortable with and the ones that your ideal clients spend the most time on. Read about this in more detail here.

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

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