Shared Office Space VS. Traditional Office Leases

For most solo entrepreneurs, working from home is the cheapest option. But with domestic distractions and the loneliness that often creeps in when working for yourself, working from home is not always the desired choice. 

Focusing specifically on mental health and wellness solo entrepreneurs, having your sole office at home is not always desirable or may not even be an option due to the unique needs of mental health and wellness private practices and your clients, as well as concerns with confidentiality. 

One of the downsides to being a solo clinician is a loss or lessened sense of community. This can have drastic and direct impacts on your work/life satisfaction and your ability to grow and scale your business. Specifically, for mental health and wellness professionals whose chosen careers are already so demanding of your intentional time and energy. 

When looking for an office space, if finding the right office, furnishing it, keeping up with the bills/supplies and finding someone to sublease the space when you are not using the office… does not sound appealing to you; you might be in the market to rent within a shared office space. There are several benefits to doing so, and even more if that space was designed with mental health and wellness professionals in mind. 

Below we will focus on b.mindful Louisville, which is a shared workspace for mental health and wellness professionals in Louisville, KY. We will dive into the perks you can expect when renting an office within their co-working suite. 


Perk 1. Affordable Office Space

In order to sign a lease for an office most landlords require first and last month’s rent and a security deposit. Whatever your monthly rent is, this will be a hefty amount to fork over to someone before seeing your first client. On top of that, you now have to furnish the office, stock said office with supplies, and ensure that your electric, water, and WiFi bills are paid on time each month. 

While running a business, that often comes with unexpected events; keeping track of the bills, supplies and the upkeep of an office can often push us over the edge from being busy to feeling overwhelmed. In order to avoid this, it would be in your best interest to rent from a shared workspace. Shared workspaces work from a unique business model which allows them to split the costs of furnishings, utilities and amenities across several tenants making it affordable for all. 


Perk 2. High End Office Décor And Better Location

Private Practice Office for Rent

With most things in life, some of the best things come with a high price tag attached to them. But with shared offices spaces, the tenants are able to get the best for an affordable cost. With every rental, tenants will get high end, durable furnishings and a convenient location for an affordable monthly price due to the benefits of its unique business structure. b.mindful Louisville is located in the Bashford Manor neighborhood, directly off the Watterson Expressway with easy access to downtown, South Louisville, the East End and public transportation. 


Perk 3. Fast Setup

By eliminating your need to buy furniture, décor and office supplies you save money and there is no need to block off an entire weekend to move and set up your office. b.mindful Louisville offices are furnished and ready for you to start seeing clients the second after you sign your lease!


Perk 4. Free Amenities

Within traditional leases and having your own office space, you are responsible for paying utilities, supplies, amenities, etc. With shared office spaces all of that is included in the cost of your rent. For example, if you rent a 4.5 hour block from b.mindful Louisville one day a week, you will have access to all the same amenities that an individual who rents 4 full days a week has. 

Some of the most popular amenities are free coffee and tea for you and your clients, WiFi access, print/scan/fax, separate entrance and exit for clients, onsite parking, professional cleaning services and a built-in like-minded environment. Having these extra perks custom to your private practice’s unique needs makes this office rental much more than just a physical space. Learn more about the amenities included in every b.mindful Louisville rental here.


Perk 5. Flexible

Some of the benefits of being a mental health or wellness professional in private practice is that you know have higher levels of autonomy and flexibility with what clientele you will see, when you will see them and for how long. Unfortunately, traditional office leases do not align with the unpredictability of life and your caseload. Below is an example of how a clinician that was new to private practice used b.mindful Louisville rentals without having to make large business sacrifices.

Tenant started out with 1 block rental (4.5 hours) and used the 1st month to logistically set up and start marketing her practice before having any clients. She said the office space was extremely helpful for her to have a space outside her house that she could go to clear her mind, knock out her to do list and have other clinicians around to bounce ideas off of. After a lot of time and effort put into the start up of her practice, she got her first few clients! After some more hard work in the networking arena, her case load out grew her 4.5 hour block rental so she decided to start a new lease and do a 24 hour rental to accommodate her growing practice.

Here at b.mindful Louisville, we understand that a majority of you in private practice are in it because you love being an entrepreneur, and love the flexibility and autonomy brought forward by working for yourself. Therefore, if the office space is available, we are always willing to start you a new lease in another office that better meets your growing private practice’s needs.


Perk 7. Opportunities For Networking

Not all co-working spaces, or shared offices emphasize community, but b.mindful Louisville does. Being a tenant of b.mindful Louisville is so much more than just writing a monthly check to your office landlord. We are interested in creating a like-minded, safe environment for you and your clients while providing you with full-service amenities and serving you to the best of our abilities.


Final Thought

It is important to note for mental health and wellness professionals, that not all fully furnished office rentals are created with your specific needs in mind. At b.mindful Louisville, we take security and confidentiality very seriously in order to create a like-minded supporting environment and to ease the process of being a human helper. 

We would love to show you the space and learn more about the wonderful services you are providing to our community. Feel free to browse our website and reach out to schedule a tour. 

Have additional questions? Feel free to message me and ask!


I’m Shannon, a professional counselor, that understands the importance of having a safe space to practice in, consulting, networking, having a solid referral list, and being around other like-minded professionals.