Podcasts That Will Help You Build Your Private Practice

Podcasts are the best (subjective I know but just give them a shot if you haven’t already). The process is so easy. All you’ve got to do is find a topic you want to learn about (literally anything because they’ve got a podcast on just about everything), search for it, subscribe to it and listen. 

Majority of phones will have a built-in podcast app to listen to them on but you can also download additional apps for streaming. I personally prefer to use the built in “podcast” app on my iPhone and enjoy listing to true crime podcasts such as S-Town and Dirty John or ones that are more inspirational and educational such as This American Life or Invisibilia

In the beginning stages of building my own business, b.mindful Louisville a shared workspace for mental health and wellness professionals in Louisville, Kentucky, I listened to a lot of How I Built This. This is a fantastic podcast and a lot of my inspiration came from listening to some of the most amazing and successful companies around the world talk about their stories. But on a larger scale, I had a hard time applying a lot of the information to my day to day practice and business building. I knew there had to be podcasts out there that could help me. Maybe podcasts made my therapists, for therapists to help learn the ins and outs. Maybe one to help me continue growing as a business owner and a therapist. And boy did I found some.  

There are so many out there! Like a lot. So, suggestion to avoid getting overwhelmed and to not have to walk around with headphones in your ears 24/7 - don’t try to listen to every single podcast by every single person. Take your time and do your research on the hosts, their goals and see if they align with your goals and your personality. 

I personally aligned best with Allison Puryear from The Abundance Practice Podcast, so I remain pretty loyal to her posts, but then from time to time I pull in a random episode from The Private Practice Startup or The Ask Juliet & Clinton Show. But that’s just me. Take a look at the list below and try out some of your favorites and then narrow it down from there and get on with building your business! 


Podcasts To Help You Build Your Private Practice (not in any specific order)



The Abundance Practice Podcast with Allison Puryear 

Message from the host: 

“Practical advice for counselors starting and building a private practice.”



The Ask Juliet & Clinton Show with Juliet Austin & Clinton Power

Message from the host: 

“The Ask Juliet & Clinton Show is a marketing podcast for therapists and natural health businesses.”



Practice of The Practice with Joe Sanok

Message from the host: 

“Covers everything it takes to make your service-based private practice more awesome. It’s what you wish you had learned in graduate school.” 



The Private Practice Startup with Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT & Katie Lemieux, LMFT 

Message from the host: 

“On our podcast, we interview entrepreneurs, experts in the mental health and business arenas and successful private practitioners to provide a wealth of information to our listeners!” 



The Online Counseling Podcast with Clay Cockrell

Message from the host: 

“ The Online Counseling Podcast explores the world on online counseling and therapy and those that practice tele-medicine.”



Private Practice Talk with Kelly & Miranda 

Message from the host: 

“Help for creating a happy and full private practice for mental health professionals.” 



Profiles in Private Practice Success with Jennifer Sneeden

Message from the host: 

“Profiles in Private Practice Success showcases the most successful and innovation professionals in practice today.” 



Selling the Couch with Melvin Varghese, PhD

Message from the host: 

“Selling the Couch is the #1 podcast for aspiring, new and current mental health private practitioners.” 

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 5.09.25 PM.png


The Rebel Therapist with Annie Schuessler

Message from the host: 

“A podcast for therapists who want more.”


Podcasts That Will Help You Build Your Private Practice

The Therapist Experience from Brighter Vison 

Message from the host: 

“The Therapist Experience Podcast is the podcast where we interview successful therapists about what its really like growing a private practice.” 


Would love to hear from you in the comments section on your favorite practice building podcast or if you have one that you’ve found helpful that isn’t on this list!

Have additional questions? Feel free to message me and ask!

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

I’m a professional counselor and understand the importance of having a safe space to practice in, consulting, networking, having a solid referral list, and being around other like-minded professionals.