3 Tips For Life Coaches Who Are Just Starting Out

Seemingly due to the growing complexity of the world, life coaching has become an increasing career choice for many. It sometimes seems that you might have advice or heuristics that another person is in search for. A skilled life coach can help other individuals follow a path that is good for their health and career. And coaching is not just for individuals; big corporations also hire life coaches for their top employees to help them get through rough patches and bring about solutions for their work projects. Now, if you are in the coaching field and have suddenly realized that you are not going anywhere and the work is slow, then chances are you are doing something wrong. Here are the top three tips that every life coach needs to follow.

1. Provide Solutions & Social Proof

Here is the first do and don’ts of becoming a life-coach. Your aim should be to provide solutions and remedies for a problem. Most life coaches try to be service providers, but that should not be the case. It is all about turning your coaching into a business not just dabble in it for some extra cash. To hone this skill you have and be consistent, you have to make it a business that has solutions not just services. By providing solutions, you will be able to keep a good client list. You will need to make a good brand image. Make your clients feel like you are the ONE whom they can count on in times of need. It is important for your incoming clients to know where you are reachable and can check past client testimonials. Starting any business requires a good brand image and consistency. People should know the name or at least have heard it somewhere; it will automatically bring them closer towards trusting you and your solutions.

2. Loyalty & Marketing

Every brand and business knows how important it is to create a customer loyalty factor. These customers will be the ones that are most satisfied with your services and will continuously return to you because they trust you and you are giving them exactly what they need. It is the best way to grow a business because these clients will tell the people they know how much they like you and how good you are for them. Good word-of-mouth can take a business places! It will automatically increase your client list. So, it is necessary that you treat every client with the utmost care and importance. Always start with a few clients and make sure that they are satisfied to the fullest. Use Social Media. You can create a Facebook group and Instagram page where you can start with by posting a few details of what you do and see how people respond. If your idea clicks with them then there will be no limits and people will be attracted automatically. You can post testimonials and create your brand name. Start being an exclusive coach, not just a catch-all type. Then slowly build your way up and accept more clients.

3. Rent An Office Space or Coworking Space

The third tip and the most importantly the last on our list to help you kick-start your life coaching career is to rent an office. This office should be your private space that represents your style and coaching theme. It should be a welcoming venue for your clients, who should get the feeling that you are professionally capable of helping them with their problems and are worth their time and money. The ambiance of the office should be aesthetically pleasing. Clients should feel like being 'at home.' This will enable them to open up and help you as a coach to better understand their problem. When looking at the type of offices that life coaches actually rent local to us in Louisville, KY the general opinion is that there are a few factors that really make an office a success. The list goes decor and design, location, commute, and pricing. It has to be a hip looking location so it’s stunning for potential or incoming clients. It also has easily accessible. People who are having issues in their lives don’t need to add trouble parking to their list of worries.  However, when looking for a place to rent, we advise you avoid a shared space with the wrong type of businesses. Those ‘wrong type’ of businesses include things that require more office work and have a more corporate feel. In other words, it may be a bad idea to practice alongside insurance companies, financial consultants, etc. The space has to match the mood. However, practicing along other health and wellness practitioners can be a big advantage for your business. For one, you have an environment of like-minded individuals who understand the type of work you do. And if you take into account the fact that a shared space with other health and wellness professionals, it should be apparent why it’s an advantage. And this is especially true when you are first starting.

So, these were the top three tips that will help you move forward in your life-coaching career. Remember, these are just the basic tips that are almost required when someone decides to launch a life coaching career. And especially in a profession that is centered around people’s changing needs. And if you need a coworking space tailored for your exact needs, b.mindful Louisville is specifically designed and set up for life coaching businesses. Call or text us at 502-528-1363 for a tour of our space, or Click Here to schedule a walk-through.

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

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