Modern, Quiet and Furnished Office Setting for Psychiatrists in Louisville, KY

If you have been looking for an office for your Psychiatric practice in Louisville, KY we are sure you know that not every space is created equally. And that is largely due to some of the huge costs involved in not only renting a space that is right for your patients but also furnishing it in a way that will make your patients feel calm and at home. In this article, we will go over the things we have heard from local psychiatrists & patients in Louisville, KY that make the difference for them when it comes to where they like to get treatment.

A Quiet Space

The space your patient interacts with you in can be as important as how you yourself interact with the patient. That means that a quiet office is paramount for patients to feel secure. Sometimes it’s easy to default to thinking of patient sessions as an energized talked. However, the evidence would say otherwise. It’s often the case that there are periods of long silence during sessions that are meant to provoke thought on the part of the patient. However, if your space is not quiet, this can be a huge challenge. Not only because your patient will feel weird being quiet in a loud space, but also because the noises can be distracting. And when a patient is distracted, it’s going to be difficult for them to really dig into their thoughts.

Nice Furnishings & Social Proof

You may find it odd that furnishings and a modern look have an effect on a patient, but these things hit the heart of what business experts have been talking about for years when they refer to “social proof”. What is social proof? It’s basically subconscious signals that indicate that you, the psychiatrist knows what they’re doing. Think of it this way. If you walked into a psychiatrist office and they barely had any furniture at all, you would think something is up. Alternatively, if you walked into a psychiatrist office and all of their furnishings are the nicest you have ever seen, you would think either consciously or subconsciously that this practitioner is at the top of their field. This example illustrates that there is a range of feelings a patient may experience purely based on the furnishings in your office. So you should do all you can to put this to work for you.

Final Thoughts

When either starting or growing your practice, you need to set everything possible to your advantage. This includes not only your style of interacting with your patients but the subtle queues your patients get from their surroundings. To make sure your patients are being set up for success by your surroundings, an office designed specifically for mental health and wellness practices is a great choice. You need a space designed for your exact needs and b.mindful Louisville is specifically designed and set up for health and wellness businesses. Call or text us at 502-528-1363 for a tour of our space, or Click Here to schedule a walk-through.

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

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