Why Regus May Not Be The Best Solution For Your Louisville Health Practice

Finding the right office space when starting or moving your mental health or wellness practice is a big deal and can be stressful. However, this process can be easy if you know what issues to watch out for. If you are in the mental wellness and health fields, we are sure that you prefer your office to be your home away from home. And we know that you want your clients to feel the same way. Some common issues with renting space for mental health & wellness practitioners that we have heard first hand are problems with long-term leases, the Regus space not being set up for their particular type of business, weird furniture, and a lack of privacy for their clients.

While setting up your health and wellness practice in the Louisville Regus may seem like a no-brainer, it comes with a variety of hidden issues that could cause issues due to the nature of mental health businesses. Those issues include...

Do You Want Regus To Field Mental Health & Healthcare Phone Calls?

Sometimes when running a business that deals with health and mental crisis’, the reception or office admin team can be the “front line” when it comes to dealing with a client crisis. Unfortunately, due to the wide and varied type of tenants that Regus Louisville rents spaces to, there isn't a great chance that reception will know how to adequately handle these type of issues. To solve this you should look for a short-term office rental space in Louisville that is dedicated 100% to the mental health and wellness field. In addition to handling a crisis, you have to worry about regulations like HIPAA. According to the info we found on the Regus in Louisville, they do offer front-desk admin support often for a large extra fee. But even if you opt for this, there is no guarantee of client privacy or that the staff knows the appropriate regulations when dealing with inbound phone calls. This could lead to them breaching client privacy without them even knowing it happened, which could spell big trouble for you or your business.

Is It Private Enough?

The Regus in Louisville has hundreds of tenants. This is something you have to consider if you have clients coming to meet you there. Is their privacy going to be protected? That’s a difficult question to ask when you are dealing with other tenants that have businesses ranging from business consulting to real estate. The most common thing that mental and health professionals look for when it comes to privacy is a separate entrance and exits for clients. This is something that the Regus in Louisville doesn’t cater to and could be a huge negative for clients and customers who are considering becoming your client.

Ease Of Referrals

Often times when dealing with clients in the mental health and wellness field you need to refer them to another practitioner. This can sometimes cause discomfort or anxiety in clients that are used to meeting you in the same building week over week. For some, even the smallest notion of changing their routine can cause a huge stress in their life as they have to find the new office, find parking, and generally get comfortable with the new space. However, if the space you lease is dedicated to the mental health and wellness field there is a chance that you can refer within the same building your clients are already used to meeting you in.

Lease Requirements

According to some health professionals we interviewed who have used Regus within the last year, a lot of the benefits such as choosing a wide range of hours to see your clients are restricted to those who sign a 12-month contract. This may not be ideal for a few reasons. Firstly, because what if you or your clients dislike the space after using it for a few months? This can not only cause you discomfort professionally but could cause you to lose clients as well. Secondly, long-term commitments can be a huge strain on your business especially if you are just starting out or only need to use the space a few times per week. So you should look for a place that allows you to meet clients at any time they need, but that doesn't require something as long as a year-long contract to do so.

Is The Furniture & Architecture Right For Your Practice?

The Regus in Louisville caters to business that ranges from small business to attorneys, to CPAs. And as a result, the offices and decoration have a more “business” feel that you may not find in a smaller space dedicated to the health and wellness field. Depending on the type of health and wellness practice you run, the building could just not be accommodating to your type of business. Do you work with kids? Then you have to worry about the echo of the space, the hard concrete floors, and being disruptive to the other businesses in the space. A good solution would be finding a space that is dedicated and designed for mental health and wellness where all the other tenants are understanding and knowledgeable of what other practitioners go through. This means that the interior design will be catered with mental health and wellness professionals in mind, and provide a more calming environment and manner of decor.

To overcome these issues, a shared office space designed exclusively for mental health and wellness practices are an amazing option. You need a space designed for your exact needs. b.mindful Louisville provides a better alternative to Regus Louisville and is specifically designed and setup for health and wellness business. Call or text us at 502-528-1363 for a tour of our space, or Click Here to schedule a walkthrough.

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

Shannon Gonter, LPCC, Owner and Founder of b.mindful Louisville

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