As a mental health or wellness professional…


you’ve heard a lot about the client relationship, therapeutic container, and the importance of a safe, comfortable and attractive environment for your clients. What you may not have heard as much about is the actual setting—the place where your work happens and it’s importance, both to you and your clients.

As it turns out, a person’s environment has a profound effect on their state of mind. Chaos breeds chaos and calm breeds calm. When it comes to the helping and healing professions, having a space to work with your clients that supports—and, possibly even propels—their work, and the work you’re doing with them, is essential. 

Shannon Gonter, LPCC

Shannon Gonter, LPCC

b.mindful Louisville, was established by licensed professional counselor Shannon Gonter. She saw the benefits of having a more boutique-style space, providing you with the kind of setting you’re seeking, helping your clients to feel as calm and secure as possible. The kind of setting she offers distinguishes it from the typical rental or tenant space you may have encountered in the past.

We recognize it’s not easy to get started in private wellness practice. While some professionals go into it full-time right off the bat, others do it start part-time. In either case, one of the most important considerations is managing expenses in such a way that allows you to both provide services to the community and grow your business. With that in mind, it’s often difficult to find an appropriate space that is both affordable, providing you with the unique features and amenities necessary to both, which, ultimately serves you and your clients.


modern designed offices

At b.mindful Louisville, recognizing the needs of our various helping and healing professions, we offer fully furnished rental spaces. Our office spaces are designed to support helpers and healers in their work, supporting you in feeling secure and confident, so you can lessen your administrative aggravation at the door, and focus on your client’s needs.



Whether you are an hourly tenant, or a full-time tenant, you receive full access to all of our space’s amenities. We also provide a knowledgebase of tips and techniques for practice-building to all of our renters, as well as social and periodic community marketing events.


supportive environment

In this collective setting of like-minded helping and healing professionals, you will find a comfortable, cost-effective and accessible place to thrive in your practice and do the work of guiding your clients on their journey of healing.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community. For more information, or to set up a tour, feel free to contact us.